Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday morning eye candy video with Matsui Kosei

We're still in celebratory mood after Thanksgiving. Last night was leftovers with family and friends at our sons and tonight it's more partying with friends.

Yesterday we go the Christmas lights and wreaths up outdoors and the Christmas tree is on the table waiting to be decorated; but that probably won't be until tomorrow or Monday.

This morning I have to figure out why all the app updating and operating system updating has made my app to connect to the internet with my iPod touch unworkable. So it looks like I will be dealing with that issue after breakfast for a bit.

With a lot of cold and snow on the way in a couple of days we want to get out and do some food shopping. I also got my light box hung up in the guest bedroom, and set the new folding table in place; but I need to stop at Lowes hardware for a expandable curtain rod to attach he background paper. My photography setup is in front of the window and it was the only place in the house where I could it.. Slowly, all these little projects are coming together.

My centering arm should be coming in another week or so. As I thought, the potters were off doing a show and when they got back there were a whole bunch of orders for the centering arm waiting for them. So I'll be picking up a few boxes of clay today. These days with storage being almost non existent I'm just buying small boxes of clay. If they  can't fit under my wedging table, they're not coming home with me. 

Now I just need to find time in between Christmas decorating, getting the photo setup finished, cooking and other chores to get int the studio to finish up and make some more  pots.

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