Sunday, November 10, 2013

Angela Fina

Cynthia Bringle just reported on Facebook that Angela Fina has passed away. She was such a lovely lady and a wonderful potter and teacher. Here's a photo of her that I got from her web page. You can check it out at:

I took a great throwing workshop with her in Ontario, Canada in the mid 70's, and remember her fondly.  She will be greatly missed.

Jim and I are taking it easy today after our all day celebration of his 80th birthday yesterday. Today is a day to rest and re-charge after all that rich food and good wines!  I have several days worth of newspapers and snail mail to go through while I watch some of the Barclay world Tour semi finals matches.

If I perk up after lunch I may get in some studio time, but I wouldn't bet on it. Right now it's time to make our cheese blintzes breakfast and then start on this big pile of newspapers and snail mail.


  1. Todd Schuster11/10/13, 2:01 PM

    June, Happy belated birthday to big Jim. Seems difficult to believe he is now 80, after watching him all those years on Card Sharks and Sale of the Century. One of the greats of the genre and very underrated in my opinion. Class act all the way. Many many more. Enjoy your Sunday and my best to the big guy.

  2. I, too, would like to congratulate your husband on his 80th birthday. Todd put it more eloquently than I could've, but I have nothing but praise for the man and fond memories watching SOTC in the 80s and reruns of Card Sharks and the aforementioned show in the 90s. Happy birthday, Jim, and belated kudos on 54 years of marriage. Have a happy post-birthday of rest!

  3. A very, merry unbirthday to Jim!

    Sad news about Angela.....thanks for the post.

  4. Thanks Suzi and Ben for Jim's birthday wishes. Suzi, I didn't realize that I didn't have you on my blog roll. But I just added you. Loved those cat dishes and those open jars, especially the rooster. I used to have chickens and now I just have chicken art. :-)