Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New car ate my usb cable

Since we're going to our son and daughter0-in-laws for Thanksgiving, I thought I'd  try a couple of cranberry sauce recipes to take over tomorrow. The Tyler Florence one with the orange zest and juice is good but the real winner was the one made with sweetened dried cranberries, cranberry juice, sugar and gala apples. I could see that working well with pork or a lot of other things as a side dish - really delicious!

Jim is off to the car dealer because the USB port has taken the USB connector from my iPod touch hostage. It's frozen and won't budge. It worked fine yesterday and went in fine this morning when we went out to do some pick up grocery shopping. What the heck!

Time to take a little cheese and apple lunch and then get back in the kitchen to make some coleslaw for tomorrow. No matter how fancy and far away from your moms cooking you might get for holiday dinners you always have to have some of the things Mom made when you were a kid and coleslaw is that one thing from my childhood that I miss if it's not part of Thanksgiving. The first time Jim had moms coleslaw the asked "where are the raisins". So, I add raisins, because that's what Jim's Mom put in her coleslaw. Gotta make everyone happy happy! I'll be even happier if Jim comes home with my iPod touch cable out of the USB port!

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