Friday, November 29, 2013

Kirk Mangus passing

Just found out yesterday that Kirk Mangus passed away on the 24th. We've lost 3 great potters and teachers in the past couple of weeks - Angela Fina, Val Cushing and now Kurt.

On a brighter note - hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. We had quite a large crowd. It took 3 extra big dining table setups and one smaller kids table to fit us all. We'll be doing leftovers again tonight. After all that heavy eating and good wine drinking, we opted for plain oatmeal this morning - a feeble attempt to counter all that cholesterol in the gravy and mashed potatoes and desserts yesterday!

We have the handyman coming over in a half hour to get our heavy boxes of Christmas decorations down from the rafters in the garage and get our tree up on the table. Neither Jim or I can handle that weight or bulkiness alone and Jim is not allowed to lift more than 5 lbs of anything and I can't deal with the bulkiness of some of those big plastic containers while standing on a ladder.

Today and tomorrow are our last tolerably cold days so we'll need to get outdoors and get some of our outdoor lights and wreaths up. The colder weather arrives Sunday night with rain and slow a day or so later, so this is our last opportunity to get any outdoor decoration up for this season. The smarter neighbors got theirs up earlier. We'll remember that next year. Living in a golf community with all sorts of codes and covenants, limits how early and how late you can keep your Christmas decorations up. I really hate living under such restrictions but we didn't have many options when we moved here and at this point, the idea of moving again is not something I can even bear to consider.

On the plus side, I'm grateful that we are close to our sons place, have excellent, nearby shopping and restaurants, excellent hospitals, good doctors and dentist and a one story, newer house that we were able to play with a bit to suits our needs. There is always much to be thankful for.

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