Saturday, November 02, 2013

A smorgasbord kind of day ahead

Well yesterday went somewhat close to my planned schedule. I got Erin's teapot finished and it's under plastic till I can get it slipped. The perennials got planted. In fact I wound up planting more than originally planned.  We didn't get over to our sons place because we had to stay around and wait for the parts for our Vent a  Hood.

We have been without a working kitchen hood since August when the thing just went kaput. Fortunately it was still under warrant. After a series of ridiculous mishaps of one local repairman they sent,, not knowing how to even diagnosis the problem, to waiting forever till they found another local company, then that repairman knew the unit, but then promptly left the company before leaving a work sheet or ordering  the parts, then another repairman. I will go on and on but you get the idea. So finally, yesterday, a box arrived with two replacement switches for the hood, but a replacement switch for the lights is on back order and it will be another couple of weeks before we get that. Hopefully, they'll get the repair guy out here right away so I can use the hood.

We've had the fire department out here once already because cooking smoke caused the smoke alarm to go off and I had no idea the smoke alarm was tied to our home's security system. That wasn't fun! Since then I've had to be careful about what I'm cooking. At least after the first experience with the local firefighters, I have since learned to just use our security code to turn off the house security and that also shuts down the smoke alarm. Who would have known that since the former owner didn't leave us any manual.

After breakfast I'll be dealing with the late tomatoes and making a Putanesca sauce for the freezer. We dinner tongiht, we have leftovers from the Italian restaurant last night, which was passable. We ordered a ten inch pizza as an appetizer and figured we'd have a piece and take the rest home. The pizza was not good. The crust was the problem. OK, not a good start. Jim got spaghetti and meatballs. One of the meatballs, I swear, was almost as big as a baseball but it was tasty and they made a decent marinara sauce.. Jim didn't like the fact that they served thin spaghetti which he thought was angel hair. The man has great taste beds, but not good food recognition.  I has the lasagna and both were passable as was the Caesar salad. They have a pretty extensive menu, servings were very generous, and service was very good, so we'll go back again and try some of the other menu choices.

This afternoon if the rain hasn't arrived, we'll probably get over to our sons place to harvest whatever there is in the garden. Otherwise I'll be back in the studio decorating which I didn't get to yesterday after my enthusiastic and long planting and weeding session. Time now for that first cup of morning tea to start my day.

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  1. Those alarms are so much fun.When I was teaching, I was teaching some kids to make spaghetti.My Special Ed.classroom had a nice kitchen but who knew a pot of water on the stove could make enough steam to set off the alarm and evacuate 1200 kids from the building!!! Luckily everyone blamed the alarm for being too sensitive. It's hard to say I shouldn't have been cooking in a kitchen.