Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And the winner is

Yesterday wound up to be a half day of cooking among other things. Since I wanted to get my dinner Escarole, sausage, bean, etc. soup, done early, it seemed that making my sourdough nutty fruity breakfast bread as well, wouldn't be much trouble - just a bit more time consuming. I only made 1/3 of the soup recipe, but that was enough for us with leftovers for tomorrow.

Jim went  to Michael's for me after  breakfast yesterday and got a piece of matboard and a package of Xacto blades.  So in between cooking, I traced most of those tissue and graph pepper sketches on to the matboard and I'll start on cutting those out tonight or tomorrow.

This morning I got an email from Bailey's telling me I won a $25 gift certificate for naming the mystery potter (David Leach). After trying unsuccessfully ordering something on the web site, I gave up and called and got myself a couple of 3mm MKM texture rollers. As one of the ancient ones, I still can't get over how much it costs to ship something these days! It was over $13 to ship two little rollers.

Right now I need to get to studio which should be nice and cozy, and  touch up those pots which I didn't get around to yesterday. Mid afternoon I need to get back to the garden and thin and transplant my winter lettuce. We're going to have a freeze overnight, so I need to get that done and pick the last of the green tomatoes. Then it will be time to start on a simple bratwurst, boiled potatoes with parsley butter and roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and walnuts dinner. The days do fly by too quickly lately!

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