Monday, November 04, 2013

Out of the Fire video trailer

Here's a great, teaser trailer from a new documentary about Kevin Crowe and his gorgeous wood fired pots. I'm very lucky to have one of his pieces; and wish I had room for more!

Today will be a repeat of yesterday, morning dealing with computer and emails and studio after lunch. There are more pots to decorate and that will probably take most of my studio time before I have to head in and start on dinner.
If Erin's teapot dries enough after uncovering it, then I'll have to re-sieve the pale yellow slip and get that slipped.

It's almost instant Indian food tonight, so I'll be able to work till 4:30. These days I rarely go in the studio after dinner (my new retirement schedule). Evenings,  these days are for relaxation - reading, paperwork and a little TV in bed - usually one of our British shows on Netflix. . And, lest I forget, there's usually a little bit of good wine in the schedule. It's a very good life

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