Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy happy happy

Jim went shopping yesterday and this Highlander Limited is now residing in our garage. The color is Cypress pearl - a guy color. Jim chooses the car, I choose the color.:-) It's a nice green in bright sunlight and medium grey in the shade. He is happy, happy, happy. This is a stock photo, since I'm not up to getting out of under the warm covers into a cold garage to snap a bad photo among all the garage paraphernalia.

Needless to say there wasn't any studio time yesterday. Between half a day prepping and cooking the gumbo and car buying drama with numerous phone calls back and forth and then finalizing the sale, we had to transfer everything out of the old car into the new car. We thought we were so thorough, but found that we left all the CD's in the CD player and Jim left a pair of his glasses, so he'll be retrieving those things this morning as well as tidying up all those things we quickly transferred before heading to our sons place.

The really nice guy who delivered the car spent a lot of time helping us set up the garage door opener, showing us how to enter phone numbers, etc. etc. My sweet Jim, the resident luddite, asked "what's bluetooth?" Oh boy is he going to have fun this week trying to figure out all the things you can do with this car besides driving it. When he got his first not so smart smart phone a couple of months ago, the buyers regret and grumbling could be heard for days. He still hasn't entered phone number in that phone; but the nice guy who delivered the car at least showed us how to enter them in the car. So now Jim can just speak to the car and say "call home or call Sean" - the two numbers that are now in memory.

Once we transferred everything to the new car, I grabbed Bodhi, the gumbo and rice and we headed over to our sons place for dinner and some great wines and great company. By the time Sean retrieved the third bottle of wine from the wine cellar we were all getting pretty happy, happy and very philosophical, except for Jim who exercised great restraint since he was the evening's designated driver.

This morning I'll be processing the last ripened tomatoes and making a puttanesca sauce for tonight's pasta dinner and the afternoon will be studio time which car buying interrupted yesterday. Jim will probably be sitting in the car in the garage reading the manual and trying to figure out all the new toys and I'll be only a few feet away, working  in my studio part of the garage. Hopefully with the car door closed, I won't hear all the grumbling as he tries to figure out what all those buttons are for,  how to set up the built in GPS and what bluetooth is.


  1. LOL. I used to be a software engineer, so you'd think I'd be up with all this stuff. Yet when I went into the phone shop to see about a new phone the young salesman behind the counter asked me in his best service-oriented tones "what I wanted from a phone" and looked at me in surprise and faint disgust when I said that I mostly wanted it to make phone calls. I'm in the fortunate position of having a car that has lasted me 18 years so far. Goodness knows how I'm ever going to cope with the spaceship with which it will have to be replaced at some point. Good luck Jim!

  2. Todd Schuster11/27/13, 2:32 PM

    June & Jim:Congratulations on the new truck. It's beautiful. Now you have room to shepherd Sean's kids around LOL. I can understand Jim's frustration on technology today. I feel that way about new cellphones, Bluetooth, etc. Just give me the safety features, CD/satellite radio, AC and I am fine. Hope you and Sean's family enjoy the holiday. Hope Erin is well in Deutschland. Best wishes