Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Playing with cut outs

Studio time yesterday was making patterns for some small plates and trays. It felt more like play than work.  I have to see if there are larger sheets of graph paper available so I can make some larger forms.  Now  I have to track down some fairly thick poster board so I can make some sturdy, re-usable templates for these. In recent years I haven't had any luck finding thicker poster board. Everything I've found locally is way too thin. I'm hoping that it's out there somewhere. I did a bit of Internet searching but thickness is not part of the description. Old templates that I made for slab work over thirty five years ago is pretty thick - about 1/16 of an inch and that's what I'm hoping to find again.

I took advantage of the 60 degree weather yesterday afternoon and planted a bunch of saffron crocuses and picked most of the dried pole beans and got them shelled. There were also a few late tomatoes just starting to ripen, so I picked those as well. I'm really going to enjoy a last  heirloom tomato sandwich of the season in a few days! My winter lettuce is ready to thin and transplant, but that will have to wait till tomorrow when this rain has stopped.

This morning is kitchen time. Sourdough starter needs feeding and I want to make the soup I had planned to make a few days ago. It's a cold, rainy morning. In other words,  a great day for a hearty Tuscan bean, sausage and potato soup and parmesan toast supper.

I'll be back in the studio this afternoon decorating and doing some cleanup on a couple of the mugs I sgrafittoed the other day so I can bisque them tomorrow. I pretty well solved the problem of dried slip chipping when doing sgraffito. Spritzing the dry slip lightly with water does the trick as long as you don't over saturate. There are just a couple of tiny spots that I have to touch up where I didn't wet the slip enough; but all in all it works great.

Time to feed the sour dough starter and get some breakfast.


  1. I've been using matte board since cardboard got so flimsy. I buy mine at my art store or my local Michael's. Sheets are about 32"x42" and generally cost under $10.00.

  2. Thanks for the tip. We have a Michael's here in the valley so I'l check that out later in the week unless I can get Jim to volunteer to pick some up for me.

  3. Check with your local hospital and see if they have any old xray film. It works great for templates!
    Now most xray departments are going fully digital, so the film is no longer needed - and in most cases thrown away.

  4. Good suggestion. We have a doctor in the family, so maybe he can get me a few of those if they're still available. Meantime, my husband came home with a piece of Matboard from Michaels, that will do for now. Thanks again!

  5. Would foam core work or do you need it to be flexible? Hayne Bayless uses Tyvek paper for his slip stencils, super tough stuff.

  6. Thanks Michele. I used foam core to make my light box, but it wouldn't work for these templates. Tyvek may work too, but I got some matboard yesterday and the thickness should work. They also have a thicker version which I can try if needed. For my current project I don't need flexibiity but it's good to keep the Tyvek in mind for another time.