Monday, November 25, 2013

Jean Nicola Gerard video

Found this new, Jean-Nicolas Gerard video this morning. I just love watching him work; and those amazing platters - WOW! There's something deliciously childlike in the way he throws and decorates. It's seems purely instinctual and so playful.

Got some studio time yesterday. I made a small bucket of black slip. If I had more stain it would have been a bigger batch but this 3,000 + grams is enough for these test cups which I hope to glaze today. I got those pots smoothed and trimmed and waxed yesterday and later realized that I probably should have not waxed them but done some terra sig on the non footed ones, when they were drier.

That and doing a bit of under glaze accents on a slipped teapot and cleanup took up all my actual studio time, but I did studio related paperwork, made to do notes for another day and went through my notes looking for possible yellow and reddish slips not using stains. I'll probably try rutile, yellow ochre and crocus martis in some tests when I finish slipping and glazing the current pots.

I went through about a half a dozen glaze and slip books not only looking for those slip colors but looking for a rich, deep reddish amber glaze not using lead. I may have to resort to stains for that or maybe a combination iron and manganese. There's always something new to test!

The studio heat is on, time for my first cup of tea, then breakfast followed by making gumbo for tonight. Hopefully I'll get a few hours of studio time after lunch. I'm both eager and nervous to try some finger wipes and slip trailing for the first time on those little cups. It will probably be a very good idea to do a little practice run on paper!

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