Monday, November 11, 2013

80th birthdays are a big deal

After a couple of days of shopping and celebrating Jim's 80th birthday, and a total vegg out day yesterday going through days worth of newspapers, email  and snail mail, it's time to get back to a "stay at home day" routine.

Jim's sister Pat sent him a "birthday in a box" from Florida, which included balloons, Happy Birthday streamers, candles, candy and even a rum cake our friend Sylvia baked for him. Our daughter who lives in Munich, Germany, called our local butcher and had him send over a whole box of German wurst and other gourmet elk and buffalo sausages, mustards, cheeses and a host of other goodies. Even our butcher Cam, sent Jim a gorgeous, huge steak which I'll be making tonight. Our son Sean surprised us with paying for our wonderful birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant. When the bill came, it wasn't a bill, just a note saying that Sean had taken care of the dinner bill. We do have great kids!

I'll be making Jim his favorite pate in another day or two, continuing his birthday celebration. After all turning 80 is a big deal and should be celebrated for more than one day!

A bag of winter saffron crocus bulbs arrived Saturday. They're already sprouting, so I need to get  out this afternoon when temperatures are expected to be around 60 degrees, and plant them. I'll get some studio time after breakfast and after lunch, in continuation of my slowly sliding  into potters retirement. I never thought I'd want to spend this little time in the studio, but at this time of my life, it seems like the most natural thing to do. 


  1. Happy 80th Birthday to Jim, I think he deserves a whole month of celebration!

  2. Here here Michele! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. It sure is a big deal. Wish him a happy from me.

  4. Yes! Happy Birthday to Jim -- sounds like he's being treated as royalty! 80 is a BIG deal. Enjoy.

  5. Todd Schuster11/11/13, 7:04 PM

    Boy June, Jim really must be having a field day with all the food and stuff he has been receiving.
    After all turning the big 8-0 is nothing to sneeze at. Nice job with your son Sean handling the dinner bill. I remember when he worked on Dad's shows. Hope Jim had a wonderful birthday and dinner and hope he enjoys all the stuff he received. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Cheers!

  6. Erin Perry was a card dealer and a staffer I think on Card Sharks and a associate producer on $25K Pyramid in the 80s. Sean Perry was an executive at King World who worked on the last version of Hollywood Squares(Whoopi and Tom Bergeron version). Did Sean work on $ale at some point? Chuck WOolery's son Chad was a production assistant on $ale(helped to get the job maybe since CHuck worked for Reg Grundy on Scrabble) before he died in a motorcycle crash in early 1986

  7. Sean did work on Sale. In fact, you can see him on a click of the last show on you tube.