Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank you Uncle Looie

I just treated myself to this strong arm centering tool, which my ancient, arthritic neck and spine bones will really appreciate. My late uncle Looie left me a small insurance policy and the check arrived today. So I'm treating myself to this Strong arm centering too, and giving the rest to Jim to go toward a new car. 

My day was planned, I thought, then changed and changed again. I was supposed to get a whole day in the studio; but then Jim wanted to go out to lunch and do some shopping at the mall. So I put off studio time this morning other than unloading a couple of mugs from the tiny test kiln. But after being up a while, Jim said that he wasn't really up to the mall, so we've put that off for another day.

Then the mail arrived with my little windfall, I decided to check on centering tools currently available. This one seemed the best from a short list, so I got the ordering process started. Seems I have to wait for a call from the maker to finalize the sale.

It's too late to start on anything in the studio, so Jim suggested we drive over to our sons place and check their garden since it's going to be raining tomorrow and an overnight freeze is forecast. We got lucky earlier this week and skipped the freeze that was forecast, but it looks like it's going to happen tomorrow and the next night. Hopefully there will be a few more tomatoes to pick. If not, at least Bodhi will get a great, chain free run  - one of his greatest joys!


  1. Let us know how the centering arm works.

  2. I've seen videos on that strong arm. I think it's a great idea.

  3. A wonderful idea to continually enjoy the gift from your uncle...hope it works well for you.
    Trish from Alberta..where today we are long past the first freeze and in the middle of a winter snow storm..

  4. Thanks Trish. I remember those Canadian winters. Stay warm!