Friday, November 01, 2013

Korea pottery video

Here's some lovely, morning, eye candy to start your day. I've always been partial to the Yi Dynasty pots with their simple, freely applied brushwork,  or the beautiful forms and glazes on the  exquisite Koryo celadons.

We are recovering after a busy night of trick and treaters. Jim figures that we got somewhere between 150 to 155 kids coming by from six o'clock till 9 o'clock. Jim over served himself on the candy last night but doesn't seem the worse for wear this morning. I on the other hand was very restrained. :-)

Jim did all the work while I held the fort in the bedroom with Bodhi and Bonnie kitty. Bodhi wasn't happy but he tends to rush out the front door when it's opened and that just wouldn't have been a good idea. After a busy day I was happy to play on the computer while I baby sat our furry kids and get caught up on some of the TV shows on my saved list. I do love Direct TV and the ability to save shows to watch later.

After breakfast I'll be back in the studio to pull a handle for my daughters teapot, and do some decorating on the earthenware pots. This will be my last day to plant since much cooler weather and rains are starting tomorrow. There are at least 3 perennials to plant, and then I have to drive to our sons place and check the garden and harvest what's there.

We're going out for dinner to one of the local Italian restaurants. The one in our town closed a while ago and we're hoping this one will be a good basic, southern style pasta and pizza place like those I grew up with in New York.  Their menu looks good, so I'm optimistic. It's hard though, to beat those New York neighborhood Italian restaurants.

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  1. Todd Schuster11/1/13, 5:41 PM

    Yes June the Italian restaurants out your way can never compare to the ones back here in the New York City metropolitan area. Anytime you can find good comfort Italian food, I'm for it 100%. Hope big Jim did okay with the trick or treaters last night. Can't believe he's turning the big 8-0 next weekend. Seemed like yesterday when I watched him on Card Sharks and Sale of the Century all those years ago. All the best to one of the legends of the genre.