Sunday, November 03, 2013

A bit of this and that kind of studio day

Got a few good hours of studio time cleaning up a couple of glazed pots. I have to do something about my powdery, clear glaze. Tomorrow I'll get some alcohol and mix up some CMC to correct that problem.

Since I had a ball of pugged clay left over I threw a box and then went on to the next job which was getting my wheels foot pedal adjusted and tightened. It was going into involuntary, manic, high speed when I walked away from it. - good thing nothing was on the whee head or it would have become a projectile. I made sure the wheel was turned off and then sat at the wheel and on to the next job of decorating a couple of pots.

 Some of those under glazes must have been old when I purchased them because, I swear, I must have spent about fifteen minutes trying to mix the lumps out of each of three of the four under glazes I used this afternoon. 

Right now it's time for some pasta Puttanesca, and one of our favorite Zins, and leftover Halloween candy for dessert. This is the reward for being wise enough to only buy Halloween candy that you like just in case there are any leftovers after the trick or treaters. leave.

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