Friday, November 08, 2013

Pretty is as pretty does

OK, I know this is one ugly, malformed pizza. Something went awry sliding it off the peel; but there is  good news. This was a great pizza! Jim said these toppings elevated pizza to a new, higher level. So if anyone wants to try it, I don't have a recipe per se. I saw a picture of this being pulled out of an oven on a you tube video and just heard the maker saying what was on it - no amounts, given.  But here's what I did.

To make: get your dough shaped and top loosely with thin slices (about 1/16" -1/8") of quality gorgonzola cheese, then fill in the open spaces with small dollops s of mascarpone cheese. Then top with fresh figs than have been slice in thirds or half and topped with a piece of gorgonzola and a dollop of mascarpone cheese a few hours before to allow the flavors to permeate the fruit. Bake as usual and when done, lay slices of prosciutto over. Let it sit a minute or two, slice and serve. PS: I used halved figs this time, but next time I'll cut them in thirds instead.  

Yesterday I got another bisque done in my tiny test kiln and did some sgraffito decorating on a couple of pots and a few other studio chores.  Since I never have enough fresh basil, I also got some basil seeds planted so I will have a good supply this winter.

The only studio time I got this morning was to empty the tiny test kiln. Now I'm off to buy a folding table for my photo setup. Jim brought back the right sized one the other day, but the top folded in half and when I had one of those before, it made the pots I was photographing look lopsided because it wasn't level. So that's been returned and I'm off to Bi-Mart since they have what I want on sale. By the time I get back from shopping and lunch I have to start on tonight's dinner - a bean, potato, escarole, potato and Italian sausage soup and cheesy garlic bread. Now that my vent is working again, finally, I'm no longer limited with my dinner choices.

There might be a little time while the soup is simmering to touch up a couple of pots and load the tiny test kiln but that will probably be all I can manage before dinner. And after dinner, I go into my new retirement, do nothing, unless I can do it sitting down, mode.

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  1. Jeff and I have found that the ugliest pizzas are usually the best tasting!