Monday, November 18, 2013

Val Cushing video

Found this Val Cushing interview on you tube. There are some lovely thoughts about his work patterns over the years and some great photos of his work. He was such a master of unique and beautiful glazes - so many still in use all over the world and will be forever.

Got the little test kiln fired yesterday and almost cleared the slab roller. First I had to go through all the earthenware test tiles covering the table and then separate them into the ones mostly liked to be used. Then I went through a lot of paperwork which was really going through scraps of notes and getting some followup notes in a little notebook. There were other things to put away and a few other organizing chores to do, some slip to mix and dip some more test tiles to bisque today if they're dry enough,  and that pretty well took up all of the studio time.

I organized those notes in categories - slip followups, glaze follow ups, slips to batch, glazes to batch, etc. etc. There's a lot more to do with the large piles of other notes and pot and glazing ideas. My brain can think of pot decoration when I sit down with pencil and paper, but when I'm looking at the pot, I'm clueless. It's really bizarre how my brain works.

I'm going to have to figure an organized way to store all these sketches of decorating ideas and group them according to form and get them into a big three ring binder with plastic inserts with section designated for mugs, jars, plates, etc.etc. It will be a good winter evening project. In fact, I think I already have one of those big three ring binders filled with plastic inserts, from my soda/salt firings - just have to replace the data.

Time now to get my first cup of tea and open the kiln and see how those black slip tests turned out. I'll be back in the studio this afternoon to clear the rest of the slab roller and make some slabs. Dinner's going to be easy tonight. Jim requested pasta carbonara - not very heart healthy but definitely comfort food. I'm sure he'll have enough wine to cut the cholesterol. He's good that way. :-)

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