Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Planning and shopping day

Didn't get studio time as planned. There was grocery shopping to do in Medford and I had to made 3 different stops - two for food and one stop at Lowe's hardware to get a shorter handled, very heavy duty wrench since my big, ancient one is too long in the handle to manipulate well under that little Olympic gas kiln. Lowe's didn't have what I needed, but the sales person told me about another tool store in town which I'll check when I'm in that neighborhood.

After getting all the groceries put away I took an email break and then decided to go to the U.S. postal service and look up information on priority mail boxes. I set up an account and then it took me a while to figure out what size boxes would work for me for starters. Fortunately with Michele Hastings input I was able to settle one 3 different sizes that would work with the majority of my smaller pieces, and some labels. 

I'm hoping to get some pots up on Etsy before Christmas and getting these boxes is part of the plan. I have never done much with Etsy, only put up a couple of pots over two years ago and making a few sales without any promotion, so it will be interesting to see if can make that work with my limited output and if I put some energy into promoting it.

In our old house I had a full basement and had a permanent photo and light set up. After checking out our entire house, the only possible place for me to set this up, is the guest room. And since we don't have a lot of house guests other than family for the most part,  I can leave the setup in place most of the time and it would be an easy thing to disassemble as needed.

Tomorrow, while I'm in the studio finishing up some pots, I'll have Jim  buy me another one of those 4 foot long folding tables which works well for my photo setup.  Right now Mexican food and a margarita are waiting for me at our local Mexican restaurant and when I get home I have a huge pile of backed up snail mail and newspapers to tackle while I have the TV mid term election results in the background.


  1. Glad you found the Priority boxes that will work for you. I love that they are free and delivered right to your door. We also buy some boxes from Uline.

  2. I got the two sizes you mentioned and I got another one that would work for small plates. I think it was 12X12x5 or 5 1/2. Next thing to order is a big roll of bubble wrap, probably from Uline. I used to order my gift boxes and tissue from them, and still get their catalog. Come to think of it, I may just order more of those if decide to include a free gift box with tissue in the order. I gave all of those boxes away before we moved west. I sometimes think that people might be resistant to buying crafts during the Holiday rush because they don't want to have to run around town looking for the right sized box. It's must easier for them to wrap something already in a box. Just one more thing to think about in the next couple of weeks.