Monday, December 02, 2013

Time for Christmas music

Now that Thanksgiving and post Thanksgiving celebrations are over, it's time to get into Christmas gear. Yesterday we drove over to say goodbye to the family before they headed back to L.A. I helped our daughter-in-law for a few minutes just to put away some tomato cages, but I wasn't dressed for any other heavy garden cleanup. Jim and I had to make a stop on the way home to pick up some grocery items our organic grocery store didn't have the day before.

I'm still dealing with my iPod touch problem after updating the operating system, but that will have to wait to be fixed when I have time to get on line with a tech person. I followed the instructions they gave me the day before  and I'm still not able to send mail from the unit. I can receive mail but it keeps telling me my password is wrong. AARGH!

Anyway, after that frustration it was time to make dinner and after dinner I started decorating our Christmas tree. It's 90% done and I had to quit so I could start on a batch of sourdough bread which I'll be baking late this morning. By then we were both ready for TV in bed and watched a wonderful Nature show on parrots. Who knew parrots could live till they were 90 or that parrot rescue is a big problem because people buy them without realizing how much work they are, or buy a breed like the green Amazon, which possess great talking and singing skills, but which also bring along a pretty pissy, biting, aggressive attitude. So if anyone reading this blog is entertaining a parrot as a pet, please adopt rather than purchase one. There's a big parrot rescue place in Santa Barbara and I'm sure if you google "parrot rescue" you might find one close to you.

My clay supplier was closed Saturday, so Jim is going to run over there today and pick up some clay for me. He's loving the new car so he's up for doing these run around the valley chores for me. I need him to pick up some extra lightweight chain for my light box so I can finish my photo setup and stop at the store for some gruyere for tonight's soup.

 I'll have to juggle my time today - working in fits and starts . After breakfast the bread dough has to be set up for it's second rise, so while it's doing that for a couple of hours, I'll get in the studio and get my slips remixed and test the two trailing slips for thickness and do some test slip trailing before I actually try it on those test cups. While the bread is baking around noon, I'll turn on some Christmas music and finish decorating the tree and the mantle.When the bread's baked, I'll get back to the studio to slip and decorate those tests cups.

We're expecting rain and about an inch of snow, so it's the perfect night for Julia's comforting, and warming, French onion soup with one minor change - I prefer Gruyere to Swiss cheese.

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