Sunday, December 15, 2013

Akira Satake throwing and trimming chawans

Loved his chawans and the technique is something I'd love to try one of these days for soda pots. If I live to be 90, that might be possible! LOL My "to try" list is already too long for what little retirement time I'm giving to the studio these days.

The past two days have been dealing with everything but studio chores. Instead, the fridge is now full, Christmas presents are bought and many have arrived already, some unexpected problems solved and other shopping, like a Martha Stewart designer coat for our furry kid Bodhi has been purchased and tried on.,

Bodhi, our rescue Jack Russell who was badly abused, still suffers from PTS, and anything new or changed freaks him out, so trying to get his little paws through this new coat was quite the challenge. When he gets even slightly frightened he lays on his back in a submissive pose, but not before he pees where he's standing- this time it was on the Oriental rug near the front door! So a two minute job turned into about twenty minutes of repeated tries to get the coat on him and get pee blotted up and the animal scent remover liquid applied and blotted up. You get the idea!

Yesterday we were out doing some more pick up grocery shopping and buying Christmas wrapping paper; and of course a Pet Smart shopping spree for a doggie coat and cat and dog food. The only studio thing I did two days ago was mix up a clear glaze which is still settling because I added too much water. I'll get that on a test tile after lunch.

Three days ago I got an email telling me that my new centering arm was delivered. It wasn't! Seems there was a major screw up and my unit got sent to someone with my name in Fairport, New York- 3,000 miles away!  They had my phone number, name and email right but not my address. I quickly checked their web page but couldn't find an email address so I just filled out a new order form and put the information in the comment box. They didn't get back to me but the next day I got another notice from UPS that my unit was sent; and this time to the right address. It just means waiting another ten days. If it's delivered on time I will have it by Christmas eve.

With our daughter, son and family and other in-laws and friends  being here before Christmas and some staying till after New Year's,  I'm not planning on any more throwing till after the holidays. Right now I'm having trouble just finishing up the last few studio chores with so many unintended interruptions and minor problems that have to be addressed, eating up my studio time.

Right now I'm headed to the kitchen to make piri piri sauce to go with the Mozambique Piri piri chicken I'm making for dinner tonight.  I think a margarita or non alcoholic frozen slurpy (my mixture of mango peach juice and cracked ice blended into a cold delicious, slushy mix), should go well with all the heat from this dish. If I have enough lemon juice left over after making the piri piri sauce, the margarita may have a slight edge.

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