Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby it's cold inside

After spending all morning going through my old vegetable, fruit, flower and herb seed packets, making a list of what I have that is still viable, and what I need to buy,  then going through several seed catalogues (they're arriving in droves this week), and ordering a bunch of things, it was time to head to the studio. But, before I do, I need to voice one of my pet peeves about catalog shopping. Why don't the order forms fit their envelopes!!!! Rant over; and on to the next one.

 I thought that after four hours of having two heaters on, the partly insulated, garage studio, should be warm enough to test the new centering arm. Wrong!

It was still too cold and damp in there unless I wanted to put on another layer of clothes; and frankly, after our latest electric bill was double what it normally is, due to the crazy, record breaking, freezing weather the past several weeks,  I decided to just shut down the auxiliary heater and turned the main heater way down to the low 60's and called it a day. 

Time to head to the kitchen to put together a healthy salad to go with an indulgent dinner of a couple of pates (my own and one very special one Santa brought from France), on buttered toast rounds and a nice bottle of Cab. Oh yeah!


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