Friday, December 27, 2013

Wrapping things up

Today is going to be a day of wrapping up a lot of little things. Our daughter flew back to Munich yesterday with suitcases filled with moms pottery and other heavy, canned and food items that she can't get in Germany.  Our son and his family are here in Oregon for another five days, so the merriment will continue tomorrow night with dinner at their country club and later, with their traditional lobster dinner at their ranch, New Years Eve.

We have been wined and dined royally this week, but I'm ready to cook a simple pasta with broccoli, pine nuts in a olive oil, garlic and anchovy sauce tonight; and I think I'll skip the wine again tonight. It's time to go back to counting calories a bit.

Bodhi our little furry family member hasn't been feeling well the past day or two and I've been cleaning up some big messes. He seems better this morning; but last night was not fun for me and certainly not for him. Why do they always have to have these messy accidents on the most expensive, antique, rugs in the house! I suspect people were feeding him way too much people food the past few days. I hope it's nothing more serious than that. This little rescue dog has had enough pain and suffering in his life already!

This morning I'm trying to figure our why my computer is telling me that my backup can't go through because there's not enough memory, yet the drive shows that there is. I'll try to reformat it and see if that will work. Otherwise I'll be looking for a new stand alone hard drive for this laptop. I re-loaded my Photoshop Elements last night and when I tried to load the second disc for editing movies, it said it can't install it because I don't have Photoshop Elements installed; but I do! AARGH! Good thing I didn't upgrade to the newest version 12 since it appears that a lot of people are having problems installing it as well. Plus, the new one doesn't handle raw images well, which doesn't make any sense. Hopefully they'll fix that with the next upgrade. Meantime, I'll stick with my old version 9.

It looks like I'll be spending the morning attempting to solve those mysteries, and ordering some vitamins on line. I did manage to get a huge amount of cleanup and filing  done on these two old laptops the past few days while our daughter was here. She treated us to her wonderful cooking skills and  between  hers and our daughter-in-laws great meals, it gave me  some extra time to deal with these computer issues.I also used that time to find a couple of wooden trays on ebay that I can use either as slump or drape molds and I'm looking forward to using them in another week or so. That's the nice thing about some of the wooden items - many have un-footed, smooth bottoms so you can use them both ways.

My centering arm arrived a couple of days ago. I only managed to get it out of the box and will finally get into the studio this afternoon and get it installed. It's just been too busy around here this week for studio time. Once the rest of the family is back in L.A., we'll get back to our pretty laid back, nesty, retirement lifestyle - just the way we like it. Life is good when you focus on the good!

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