Saturday, December 07, 2013


It was 5 degrees F this morning and our impassioned, hunter son, was out on the Rogue river in this  morning's freezing weather, duck hunting and fishing for the second day in a row. He put some duck breasts aside for us after yesterday's venture, so I'll need to research some good recipes for wild duck.

We got a lovely covering of snow yesterday. It looks like about 7 inches - just enough to be pretty but still not too much to deal with - good thing since we don't own a snow shovel. My only shovel is a lady's short handled one and all the others were given away to friends when we left North Carolina.

People in  this part of Southern Oregon aren't used to much snow here in the Rogue Valley, since most of the time the snow starts at the 2,000 foot elevation; and because they're not used to it, we see a lot of accidents even with this little bit of snow. The morning paper says there were over 100 car accidents yesterday. We were very wise to sit tight and stay warm.

My garage studio never got warm enough yesterday and since we were dealing with the electrician and other things, the only pottery related things I did were to use my glaze chemistry program and design a few more clear glazes to try and did some research. I also did a lot of music files cleanup on my smaller laptop. How in the world did I get 4 copies of everything on here! It is a puzzlement. At least now I should be able to do a backup on the C drive which was maxed out before the clean up.

I'll be starting my nutty fruity bread after breakfast, but I'll first put a space heater in the studio which hopefully will get it up to temperature, since my heavy duty heat and air unit just isn't cutting it in a garage studio in this weather, with all the air leaks in the doors. We insulated the ceiling last year, but with this weather, the big heater and the added insulation isn't enough to make us for all the heat loss from the lightly insulated garage doors. The electrician suggested that we leave the heat on low overnight, which we did. I had it on high the night before and it was still cold, so I thought it would be best to just shut it off, but the electrician said it was better to put it down to 60 or 65 and then turn it up in the morning. So that's what we did.

 If I didn't want to finish those test cups I wouldn't even consider going in there today; but I want to get that small job and another couple of things completed today because I want to get a start my Christmas baking later in the week and hopefully my centering arm will be arriving soon and I can try it out. Meantime I have throw some more test tiles today. My new search is for a rich amber glaze that is more reddish than brown - kind of the color of the Samuel Adams beer that Jim sometimes drinks.

Right now it's time to plug in the portable heater and make breakfast. The man of the house has requested buckwheat pancakes this morning, over riding my healthier oatmeal option; but he's cute and he's the one walking Bodhi in the snow three times a day, so he gets extra points when it comes to menu and wine selections.

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