Thursday, December 12, 2013

More Christmas decor

Jim did his usual, fabulous job, with the village setup up under the tree. Here's the farm section, which is my favorite.

Yesterday I managed to get everything on my studio "to do" list done, except one last slip to get on the last tile. This morning I've been busy with things like fileting tonight's steelhead. These fish are delicious but super boney, so after fileting, I got out the needle nose pliers and spent another 15 or 20 minutes removing all the other hidden bones.  I also spent some time placing  a big order for flour and other baking items at  King Arthur Flour which has a rare $3.95 flat shipping fee.

I've been using their Sir Lancelot high gluten flour for pizza and the shipping for flours would cost more than the flours, so I took time to order a bunch of things and got a $10 off coupon because my order was over $60. Nice.

Email, morning chores, some time on Pinterest and the morning was gone. Time for a quick lunch and on to the studio to weigh out a couple of honey and amber glaze tests. I'm hoping to get these few tests fired by Sunday at the latest since everything is taking forever to dry in the garage studio. 

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