Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Wishing all a Happy New Year filled with joy, abundance, more love than you can handle and continued personal growth. After reading a lot of 2014 predictions and astrology reports,  it seems that we may have plenty of opportunity for personal growth in 2014! If they're right, it won't be boring, that's for sure!

My morning has been a bit lazy and boring - watching Mel Brook's Frankenstein, while doing email, looking up some recipes and making out my menu for the next ten days.

Yesterday was a mercury retrograde kind of day with issues not yet resolved on a software issue thanks to Photoshop Elements 9 software telling me I already downloaded it on 3 computers, which I hadn't done. And after a half hour with one tech who said he renewed my license, which didn't work, followed by him saying it's a technical problem and sending me to someone else who after all this time tells me that they no longer support their older versions. So now I'm stuck with only being able to have this software on my Dell which is continuing it's slow death. They referred me to their forum, and of course, more wasted time, since there was no fix on there for this. This kind sort of thing can turn one back into a luddite!

I'm not opposed to getting a newer version but the reviews on version 12 suck because it doesn't handle raw files. Whose dumb idea was that!

The latest apple update on my iPod touch has been another major screw up since it now won't send mail. So I spent time searching out that problem and it seems there's a very long list of that and other bugs tied to Apples new IOS. Steve Jobs is probably rolling over in his grave over what they did with this latest software. At least I'm not getting other peoples e-mails or some of the other crazy issues which some people are reporting!

Got some mixed, but mainly, good health news yesterday, so the day wasn't a total loss even with ongoing software challenges, and breaking my favorite, newly filled, with a great Claret, expensive, Riedel wine glass last night. It was a very interesting day to say the least; and I'm hoping today won't be quite as interesting. LOL I was definitely ready for this boring, quiet day, until we have our celebratory, lobster New Years Eve dinner with family and friends and welcome in 2014. Jim offered me his, but I'm winding down 2013 in prosperity mode, so I just ordered another pair. Wine does taste better in these Riedel glasses!

I re-synched the iPod touch last night and I'll be seeing if that has fixed anything. Meantime, I've got the heat going full force in the studio and am hoping to get in a couple of hours in there this afternoon. I think this will definitely be a better day!

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