Monday, December 09, 2013

A different idea for a slip trailer

I used to have one of these cow horns but never thought of using it as a slip trailer, as Alex Wilson does. My grandmother used hers as a sausage stuffer. It was one of those things that just disappeared years ago in one of our moves. Pity, it would have been lovely to put it to use again as a slip trailer.

One of our friends is a rancher and our local butcher may be another source for one of these. Our ancestors knew how to make tools out of just about anything. These days many tend to just buy something that may not even work as well as some of those tools made from found items.

Yesterdays cooking went long into the afternoon and by 4 o'clock I knew I was not going to get any studio time. Between some morning Christmas decorating, a nice chatty visit with our son and his friend, my usual morning correspondence and blog, as well as having to deal with a dangerous ice build up near the front of the house, plus the cooking and other things just ate up all the time; but by 4 o'clock I had enough pizza sauce for 8 dinners made and the new pizza dough is in the fridge on it's overnight cold rise. We ate well, and took care of a lot of other chores, so the day wasn't a loss. I fared pretty well on my limited 5 hrs of sleep.

The consistency of my new pizza dough, after mixing and the first rest looked and felt  pretty good; but the test will be in the flavor and the texture. The new pizza sauce tastes really great. If anyone is interested you can check our my other blog ""

We were going to get out today to do some more food shopping but are putting that off till tomorrow since it's not going to be above freezing today and the roads are still very icy. Fortunately the freezer is full and so are the cupboards. The new generator is hooked up to the whole house so we're covered for just about anything this winter.

Time now for a big breakfast and then some computer work, while I wait for the studio to heat up. With the 2 heaters on in full force, instead of just the one built in unit, it should take a lot less than 4 or 5 hrs to make the space comfortable. If there are no morning interruptions and mini problems to solve like yesterday I should be able to get somethings done in the studio today.

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