Saturday, March 30, 2013

More decorating thoughts with Linda Arbuckle

Here's another wonderful short clip from Linda Arbuckle's Majolica video. I think I'm going to treat myself to this video because I've so enjoyed these two clips.

Yesterday I over did it in the garden, so I'm giving myself an easy morning of computer work, time to read a couple of blogs before making breakfast, and watching the woman's tennis final from Miami, before heading out to do some Easter dinner shopping at Costco and a short stop at the garden center.

When I get home there's all the hand watering to do, and guacamole to make to take to a barbecue with friends and family on the river tonight. I should have a little bit of time to get in the studio to go through all the under glaze tests and pick out three or four colors that I'd like to use as small accents on this group of pots. I have a good list of studio "to dos" but they will all have to wait till the family goes back to L.A. after Easter.

It's going to be another beautiful, mid 70's day and I'm hoping that I'll find time for a little bit of fishing. My fishing gear is in the car and I'll probably head out to our sons place a little earlier so I can cast a few before the barbecue. Life is so good!


  1. Thanks for sharing these videos. I really appreciate that Linda shares her thought process. Sometimes I learn more from understanding why, instead of how.

  2. I think I've mentioned it before, but Proge gave me Linda's DVD for Christmas. Best Present !

    Happy Spring! It's finally happening here!

    1. I have to treat myself to this video. Today would be a good day to download it. It's going to be raining here for the next couple of days, so I'll probably be able to make time to view it between cooking, visit to family before they head back to L.A. and seedling care.