Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Video eye candy of some of the greats

This video is great eye candy; but it did leave me wanting more.

Today is another day to shop for more plants and transplant some seedlings. I need to buy some cold weather veggie starters for our son and daugher-in-laws garden and a few more geraniums and potting soil for us. When I get home I need to transplant some of my seedlings from the seed starting mix into potting soil.

I lucked out at one of the garden centers yesterday and got a lot more of the annuals on my list than I thought would be available this time of year, so if the rain stays away I'll be able to get some of them planted when we get home.

The new all organic grocery store Natural Grocers, was amazing and we decided that's where we will be doing most of our shopping from now on. Before this we had to drive to Ashland to find a decent, organic grocery store; and this one in Medford is even better.

If I can squeak in some studio time today I have a few pots to slip and sgrafitto, and weigh out a batch of the honey glaze. I picked up more clay yesterday, but throwing will have to wait another day or two if the rain decides to stay away another day or two so I can complete this round of garden chores.

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