Thursday, March 28, 2013

What retirement looks like from where I sit

Spring fever has hit and the garden is still calling. The rain stayed away and I was able to clean out about 90% of the material that I needed to get rid of in the raised beds. The bees will happily gorge themselves on the yellow flowers of the going to seed broccoli raab, so I didn't have the heart to pull them all, so I left one for them to munch another couple of days.

My planters are in good shape but I still have some more annuals to add. I ordered a couple of perennials on ebay today, but that will be it for the season. I'm in pretty good shape now.. Jim says Yeah! I also planted just a few strawberries in one of the planters after seeing a taped gardening show  this morning,  that mentioned that growing them in planters, where the fruit can hang over the rim. It  keeps the snails and other critters from eating the fruit. That's a problem I've had in the past - 75 plants and hardly any berries, because I was mainly feeding the local wildlife and didn't have the heart to continue putting the mesh down when I found that a little bird had gotten caught in it and died. So my answer was to keep planting more strawberries, but there were always more furring and feathered visitors who were happy to  partake of the abundance.

I transplanted seedlings at 7am this morning and after a lunch out,. got out to the store for a few more veggie and flower starts, then drove to our sons place to leave them a tray of veggie starts for our daughter-n-law to plant tomorrow. There are  some morels growing in last years mulch which was a great thing to see. I'm hoping that we'll get some rain and more morels as a result. I took a photo using Instagram, but unfortuately, it's difficult to see since they're the same color as the mulch they're growing in; and I can't figure out how to get the Instagram photo off my IPod touch and on here.  

It looks like one more trip to the garden center should do it for getting the remaining annuals for my planters. The clay is waiting, but clay in a bags can wait, but seedlings are needling care right now. They need watering and daily moving in and out of doors; and there's still a last bit of planting to do and daily watering until we get these drip system set up again and the water turned on.

This afternoon I had to re-plant a bunch of tomato and other seeds which succombed to wilting fungus. That job is done and the rest of the planting will be directly into the soil, so I'll be able to get in the studio faily soon. Between family visits and the garden, the studio has just had to be put on the back burner for a bit.

Our son and family are flying in again tomorrow, and I'll be busy with dealing with the handyman who has some painting and other maintenance chores to do here, and starters that I need to plant in the newly cleaned raised beds; and then there's a family dinner tomorrow night. So there's one more day spoken fo. Saturday I need to shop for Easter dinner, and the last of the annuals so I can finish these planters, so pottery is just going to have to wait a bit more. This is what retirement looks like -  making preferred rather than have to choices.
I told Jim earlier that I need a wife - you know - that person who cleans house, maintains a garden, shops, plans meals, cooks and takes care of animals while her husband goes off to work. Wonder if Santa will put one in my stocking this year! I believe, I believe.

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  1. Retirement from where you sit... I don't think you have any time to do much sitting! I hope you get that wife sooner than Christmas ;-)