Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slipping and scratching


Yesterday I got more studio time than expected and finished up the latest, small group of pots. I think my slip is still a wee bit too thick, since no amount of shaking got the slip beads to depart the mug rim, so I'll have to thin it a tiny bit more for the next group.

This time I did the sgraffito before the slip had totally dried and that worked much better. I couldn't do pencil drawing on the pots because of the softness of the slip, so I just winged it.  I found that one my tools with a rounded point worked great. I have 3 of these tools with different sized, tiny balls at the end; and after trying several other tools, like ground down, old dental tools, etc. this one eems to be best, at least with this not too dry slip.

There was no time to do garden and grocery shopping yesterday, because I was house and studio bound because workers showed up, so I'll do that this morning and have the afternoon for the studio. Meantime, there's breakfast to make.

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