Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here's a great five minute clip of Ron Meyers painting a couple of platters with his fabulous, iconic animal figures.

Other than some garden work ttttime yesterday, the rest of the day was family time here and for pizza night with our son and family at his house on the river.

Our daughter and son-in-law leave tomorrow and I'm going to give myself a bit of fishing time in the afternoon. I renewed my license today (the steelhead/salmon tag cost over 70% more than the license!). Our nine year old grand daughter caught a huge steel head two days ago and there are some early salmon being spotted, so I'm not going to waste a 60 degree afternoon - or at least, not part of it, on studio work. Many good perks come with retirement, and fishing when you get the itch and weather permits, is just one them.

Depending on when our daughter and son-in-law leave in the morning, I'd like to get out to the pottery supply store for some more clay, so that Wednesday, when our son and family go back to L.A. for a few days, I'll be able to get a couple of studio days before they come back up for Easter.

This time of year, with too few 60 degree days, the garden and river are calling more than the studio. 


  1. There you go making me jealous again.Ohio has a new round of snow. No fishing yet.

  2. I saw that you're getting snow again. We had a light snow flurry here Friday, and tomorrow it's supposed to get up to 68 degrees - crazy weather everywhere lately.

  3. I've been dropping in via Meredith at Whynot for a while. Thanks for the Ron Meyers film. Now I want to do a workshop with him.

    I am about as far across the country from you as it is possible to get......we are expecting more snow tonight! Mother Nature seems unwilling to let Grandfather Frost return to his home.

  4. What a super film, thanks for sharing it. Love that steelhead, reminds me of my fishing days in the Sierra mountain lakes and streams years ago.