Monday, March 04, 2013

In search of yellow

These are all Mason Buttercup stain on my new, clear glaze (which turned out to be transparent and not as clear as I need). The left one has 2.4% Buttercup, the middle 8% and the right 4%.

The colors on the left and middle are fairly close to true, but the right is looking deeper than it does in person. I tried to photo shop them to get them as close to possible; but this is the best I could do. For my purpose, the two end colors are closer to what I want.

The right it blotchy only because I wet mixed equal parts of the 8% batch and the clear without straining. Since it looks promising, the next step will be to weigh out a fresh test batch with 4% of the stain, since wet mixing isn't exact; but gives me the next place to go.

The new clear glaze tests are in the mini test kiln, so I'll have those results tomorrow. In between turning up this little manual kiln, I'll see about continuing organizing the studio space.

It's a sunny day, and will be warm this afternoon (low 60's expected),so after lunch I want to plant a few things - cilantro, sorrel and carrots and transplant parsley.

Time to turn up the kiln.


  1. gorgeous yellow June, I think mason has some of the best shades!!

  2. I love a good yellow the one on the left is so soft and butter looking.