Monday, March 18, 2013

Final tests in kiln to be fired tomorrow

After breakfast I had to re-pot some of my seedlings, and do some computer cleanup so I could do a new backup before heading to the studio.

Once in the studio, I mixed up seven oxide washes and got them on to tiles along with a couple of new slip tests and loaded the tiny test kiln which I'll fire tomorrow. That took up the bulk of studio time other than sweeping, mopping and putting away a few things. By that time it was time to think about dinner - just making some rice to go with some pretty good store bought gumbo thanks to Costco.

These should be the last tests needed to give me a good starting point for the next batch of pots. I've got a good basic white, and light cream slip,  and a good clear glaze and one called Amber assault which is more of a nice gold/yellow. I'm hoping this firing will give me a couple of more colored slips to work with.

Right now there's some evening paperwork to do. My glaze/slip test charts need re-doing after the last test firing.

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