Monday, March 25, 2013

Today I was busy with plant shopping, a bit of fishing with my little grand daughter McKenna (which turned out to be more time untangling her line than fishing), but she's such a delight that I didn't mind at all. I would have loved more time on the river, but I needed to get  home to put in some garden time.

When we checked the mail box, two bare rooted hardy geraniums had arrived and needed immediate planting, after cleaning out two planters. Then I cleaned out a few more planters and planted some annual geraniums and a few other perennials, did some hand watering; and made a B1 mix for a transplanted shrub that isn't looking too happy about having been moved last week.

Fortunately I took some bolognese sauce out of the freezer, so dinner was super easy.

Since company left a bit later than they originally planned, I put off a trip to the pottery supply store till tomorrow.  We're going to town for the grand opening of a brand new, large, all organic grocery store, and the clay supplier isn't too far from there. A quick stop at another plant place for some hardy annuals and maybe some tomato plants will round out the morning chores. They had some tomato plants at the co-op but they looked like they had some cold damage from the freeze we had a couple of nights ago; but since it's still early in the season I can wait on those for a while if necessary.

I lost some of my seedlings from wilting fungus so I need to replace some of them and re seed others in the next few days. I can't remember the last time I had this happen since using fresh peat pots and sterile starting mix. Meantime, I need to get outside and bring the surviving seedlings inside. I'm hoping that being outdoors on this warm, overcast day, with some slight breezes have done them some good. One can only hope.

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