Monday, March 04, 2013

Yesterday I perked up enough to get to the store, buy a few more storage boxes for the studio, getting them filled and labeled. Then I got into the garden and planted potatoes, fava beans and a few other things and planted some more seeds to go under the grow lights.

Today only the seedlings needed checking and watering, so I got into the studio to batch 3 different revision of a cone 04 clear. Then I brought a 2 large bowls of fired tiles in the house, got comfortable on the sofa, and went through all of them, making followup notes, assessments, etc.That job continued till after dinner; but it's done.

On close scrutiny it was interesting to see the various tones of white using the same clear glaze over three different white slips on two different earthenware bodies. Some slip color were more vibrant over Georgies Vortex red, their new earthenware; but that won't make me use it. It looks and feels like it's loaded with red iron oxide and makes a messy cleanup. I'll stick with Laguna's R2 earthenware body. It throws fine and isn't such a bear to clean up after.

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