Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Linda Arbuckle decorating a ewer

Here's another great demonstration video with Linda Arbuckle decorating a ewer. It's always a treat watching other artists work, and especially in a case like this, when the artist shares the thinking process that leads to the color and design choices she makes.

It rained over night as forecast, so I get a break from hand watering today. It's another day for food, plant and clay shopping right after breakfast and then afternoon time with the family before they head back to L.A.

Tomorrow I'll have the luxury of a pretty full studio day in between plant and animal care and cooking. And if the rain stays away tomorrow I might even be able to sneak in a half hour of planting.


  1. Have you had a chance to do a workshop with Linda? It's an experience no to be missed!

    I got her dvd for Christmas.....great present!

  2. No I haven't. It's only recently, that I've had to change my work out of necessity and am now exploring low fire as one of the possible alternatives.