Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cone 6 ox greens

Here are a couple of cone 6 oxidation tests I did a few years ago when I was planning for a retirement, electric kiln. Of course I changed those plans and built a soda/salt kiln instead; but saved these and many of the other tests,  knowing that if I made it to my current age, I would be putting that electric kiln to more use other than using it as a bisque kiln.

The top tile, is #7473V3 Color yy, is one that I based on a calcium eutectic, and it's a beautiful, buttery matt, slightly softer in color than the picture shows. The darker, top portion was doubled dipped. The one below, #70912i color V, is a glossier, high alumina, semi transparent green, very much like a blue green celadon.  Both  are on porcelain bodies. Either of these, because of the high calcium content would probably make nice glazes, particularly liners, for cone 6 soda. 

Today was a play day  - breakfast with our son and one of our grand sons, then home for a bit. The day was too beautiful to stay in, so I suggested it might be a good day for a drive. Since there's still a lot of snow in the mountains Jim suggested a drive to Grants Pass to check out the kitchen store I've been wanting to visit. I checked, and found that it's open on Sunday, so off we went. The drive was lovely and I came home with a bag of kitchen goodies.

When we got home, I found that I have left a couple of small pots which I thought I'd be trimming this morning, uncovered; and pretty dry. Needless to say I dropped what I was doing and got them trimmed after wetting them down a bit.

It's been a lovely play day, which we're planning on doing more of now that spring is in the air. We saw the first daffodils today. I'll have to plant some of our own next fall. Meantime, we'll enjoy the fruit of our neighbors labors.


  1. Thanks Michele. They're actually much better in person. One of these days when I get some free time I need to get my photo paper and lights set up somewhere so I can take proper pictures.