Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mocha Diffusion and other slip techniques Here's a link to a very good video clip of Robin Hopper demonstrating some slip techniques including Mocha diffusion. On his blog a day or so ago, Robin gives a very detailed, instruction on this technique. If you're interested in further exploration of this technique, check his blog which you can find on my blog roll.

Up very early this morning, meditated, got the tiny test kiln loaded with slip tests and got a batch of breakfast bread on it's first rise, checked and watered my seedlings, fed and massaged our furry kids (no kidding!). They're addicted!

It's been a busy couple of days with very little studio time. Instead, there's been time for shopping, gardening, cooking and other household chores. With the warm weather, and the automatic watering/drip system turned off, I've also had to do a lot time consuming, hand watering. Once I get the planters cleaned and moved, which should happen this week, the drip lines can be re-installed. Meantime, I'm dragging heavy hoses around every day.

Yesterday was an incredibly beautiful, warm, day, so I spent a lot of time in the afternoon on garden chores. In the morning we did a Costco run for clams for dinner and other goodies, then a short stop at Lowe's hardware for some Vitamin B1 to ease the transplant shock for the big shrub we had transplanted in the morning. Got home, unpacked the Costco order, and with trowel in hand, headed outside to plant  a couple of perennials, weed and hand water. Making dinner and watching a little tennis and a Doc Martin episode made a nice ending to a good, busy day.

This morning I have to trim the couple of pots I threw two days ago, in between dealing with the bread dough and manually firing the tiny kiln. In the afternoon I'll be back outdoors to plant a few more things and clean up another planter or two, while the handyman is out there pressure washing the pool area and fence.

Dinner will be easy - just have to make some roasted potatoes and cook the rest of the crab cakes I made the other day. They were the very best crab cakes, and so good with the remoulade sauce. That one is definitely a keeper.


  1. I tried the technique of Mocha diffusion but if the design was forming first, then it disappear and faded. Any explications about this effect?

  2. I think you might try it again and be very exacting with the instructions. If you still have a problem, I suggest you email Robin Hopper, since this is his technique. You might also do a google search and see if there are other instructions out there that could help you.

    Good luck!