Friday, March 08, 2013

Is there a computer whiz who can tell me how I can make this header photo smaller? I re-sized it to 4 inches high in Paint Shop Pro, but when the blogger software opened it, as you can see, it's huge! And there's no option to make it smaller on the header page. After spending over a half an hour on this I'm stumped.

Got a couple more slip tests done and now I have wait for the test tiles to dry.

Jim brought some lovely sushi home for lunch and afterwards I went out to clean out a few planters and plant a few new ferns.

Now I need to update my test notes and then it's off to dinner with our son and grandson.


  1. HI June,

    You might want to try cropping the photo so it's shorter; Looks like maybe Blogger is automatically resizing the photo to fit the header width (828 pixels).


  2. Those two pots are so gorgeous you should try to make the picture bigger instead of smaller.

  3. You can google this, you just have to change some HTML code, google changing blogger header photo size, easier to google than have me try and explain, haha,

  4. Also, I noticed the blog erm.. was back up over on your blog roll, clicked on it to see, but it's been highjacked, there is some unpleasantness there, ick!

  5. Tracey, I don't understand? What is the blog erm; and what was back up over on my blog roll???

  6. The blogs you show listed on the right,the blog roll.There is one called Erm,it used to be Andrews blog but he changed it and someone has highjacked it. Wish I could help you with the header, I know how, but don't know how to explain it, ugh!

  7. Thanks Tracey, I'll see if I can find it. If it's still hijacked, I'll remove it for a while.

  8. Tracey, that blog isn't showing in my blog lists in my layout, so someone must have hijacked and re-directed another blog. When I look at my blog roll messages of three days ago, there are a couple of missing ones from another blog so it must be that one that has been hijacked. Now I need to go into the html and see if I can find a re-direct and delete it. It's always something! GRRRRR!