Thursday, March 07, 2013

More yellow

Here's 3 more tests from the last Cone 04 oxidation firing. All have my transparent glaze over, which was supposed to be a clear but wound up with some transparency. Ayumi's white slip is the base for all the slip colors. The tile on the left has about 3% rutile (I wet mixed a plain and a 6% rutile version), middle tile has about 3% mason Titanium yellow stain, also wet mixed with a plain version of the slip, and the far right tile has 6% of the Mason Titanium yellow stain.

I had to photoshop the photo to get close to the color. They're a bit lighter in color than shown, and the tiles have a lovely, buttery, gloss finish which isn't showing. The tile on the left is actually a lovely, off white, the middle one is a pale, warm yellow, and the far right one looks more like the middle one in person.

Yesterday studio time was very limited. More carrots had to get planted because 3 year old seeds that I didn't think were still viable, sprouted after pouring the rest of the packet on wet hand towel paper for a few days. Before planting I had to clean out a big bucket which had some deep, stems and roots that presented a challenge. A computer problem (yes, they are still ongoing), took away studio time. Seems my entire photo folder disappeared, and was no where to be found on my laptop. Fortunately I had a backed up copy on my stand alone hard drive. So I spent a lot of time dealing with that, cooking and other things.

Today I'll continue with more yellow slip tests for under my newest, and finally, successful, clear glaze test; but first, there's a hearty breakfast to make, and two grungy kitchen mats that need hand washing, before someone reports me to the health department.


  1. June, have you ever thought of getting a live-in techie? You have more computer problems than anyone I know! Good luck.

  2. I tried one of those on line tech services. It was supposedly free, but after ten minutes or so, and after seeing them downloading not just my settings but all my documents, I quickly aborted the program.

    Some of my problems have been - a broken cd/dvd drive, which I replaced with a stand alone one, another problem turned out to be corrupted ram which messed up my stand alone hard drive. I solved that by re-formatting the drive. Then there was the blue tooth that stopped working because of another hardware issue, so I bought a little usb connector which has solved that problem. As you can see, my Dell laptop is dying a slow death; but I'm stubbornly putting off buying another one till it totally kicks the bucket.

    Our daughter and son in law are coming in a couple of weeks, and since he's very capable with computers, I'll ask him if he has any idea about why deleting one pictures folder, deletes another. That one definitely has me scratching my head.

  3. my answer to computer issues is go to the dark side and get a Mac :-)