Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here are 2 tiles with some of the oxide washes (I posted the recipes on the blog a couple of days ago). I tested them over white slip with my new clear glaze, and over a 3% rutile slip. As you can see, the top one is a bit thin, but you can see it's a quiet, greyish blue, and the second one down with chrome and cobalt (both refractory materials), is too dry without some flux. So I'll retest that with some frit or gerstley borate in the next firing.

The left tile has my new clear glaze over Ayumi's white slip and the right tile has the same clear glaze over Ayumi slip with 3% rutile. If you open the photo to get a larger look, you'll see the subtle differences in the colors and well as more intensity in the last one over the rutile slip.

I did a quick tests with these, and didn't strain them. My aim was just to quickly get an idea of the color responses over this glaze and these slips. A couple are too thin since I wasn't too fussy about the water color consistence. I just wanted to see the color response.

From top to bottom, the oxide mixtures used were:
#3A 9 yellow ochre 2 cobalt carb, 1/2 cup water.
#12  89 grams chrome, 20 grams rutile, 20 grams cobalt carb (I need to add 1 tsp or more of flux to this). Added water to get watercolor consistency.
#42 2T Copper carb, 1T Ferro Frit 3124 (used frit instead of powdered celadon for Cone 04).
#47 equal weight rutile and copper carb and Ferro Frit 3124 (the earlier posted recipe didn't have the frit). I added enough water to get a watercolor consistency.
#89 70 grams cobalt carb, 20 grams Gerstley borate, 10 grams Titanium dioxide
#40 1 part Red Iron oxide, 1/2 part Ferro Frit 3124
#18  Equal parts Rutile, Red Iron Oxide, Ferro Frit 3124 (used the Frit for this cone 04 firing instead of powdered celadon)

I unloaded the test kiln early this morning and reloaded it with a few mugs to bisque, and finally finished making cleaner copies of my test results charts.Now that breakfast is over, I need to turn up the kiln, and update the notes with the latest slip tests.

Later, if the rain goes away, I need to get some garlic planted around one of my roses, since it's supposed to help avoid blackspot. We'll see. There was no place in my raised beds for any more of them; but I did manage to clean out a couple of the squares and transplant some leeks and plant some shallots.

Our daughter and son-in-law are arriving this afternoon, so after today, there won't be any studio time till after they leave early next week; but since I'm such an early riser, I'll try to get a couple of other tests posted before the rest of the household is awake. :-)

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