Sunday, February 03, 2013

Pottery of India

This is a lovely video. Enjoy!

I was in India in December 1989 and into January of 1990. Staying at an ashram in the north, meals were served on non glazed earthenware. These pots were treated like paper plates and after the meal, the pots were thrown over the the size of the steep cliff, a few yards from the kitchen.

It's interesting to see how different cultures regard potters. Some hold them in high regard in countries like Japan, but in India, somehow working with clay/dirt, somehow puts you in a lower part of society. Yet in Japan, people who work with butchering, are viewed negatively. We humans are an interesting species, which all too often looks for ways to separate ourselves from others with so many different, conditioned, cultural beliefs.

I guess I'm waxing philosophical this morning, after a very busy week, filled with a lot of cooking time, a family visit, a lot of computer issues, frozen pool problems, and re-organizing parts of the kitchen and studio.

Some new kitchen tools and appliances arrived this week and I've been unpacking and washing them and and moving other things around to make space for the new. Dealing with the computer problems took up a lot of the weeks time; but I cleaned out a lot of old software and photos; but there's a lot more to do, since drives have moved and the same drive seems to be in two places and I have no idea how that happened! Also, I researched and signed up for an online cloud type storage, but haven't figured out how to get that to work after installing it; and just didn't have time this week to sort it all out.

This morning I woke up with chills, swollen glands, etc. etc., so after breakfast and a long very hot shower, I decided I'd see if my brain can work well enough to deal with the JustCloud program. Our son gave me his Blackberry yesterday, and I need to figure that out. I'm not sure I'll even keep it, because I'm not thrilled about paying $50 or more a month for another phone. I already have an Ipod Touch, and a generic cell phone that only costs about $90 a year, but it's old technology and there's no speaker.

Our son has been bugging us to keep our cell phone on all the time when we're in the car; but I told him I don't like to use it because they're so unsafe and when he found out that ours has no speaker, he gave me his new Blackberry. I spent an hour or more last night trying to figure out which Bold model it was, since it doesn't say, and the home screen doesn't look like any of the 6 models on their web page; but it looks like I will have to sign up for some service to be able to access some of the settings - just one more thing to deal with today or tomorrow. If I can sign up for an option that let's me just pay $2 a day for phone calls on days I used it, then it will be a keeper. 

Since it's Super Bowl Sunday and I promised Jim nachos and Margaritas, I'm going to do some early prep while I have some energy, and before I tackle the computer issues. For most of the rest of the day, my butt is going to be in front of this computer,seeing if I can made hide or hair out of this on line storage software and the other problems I've been having with people not receiving my emails, backups and duplicate drives showing up in two different places, etc. etc.. Maybe some gremlin in the universe is screwing with the computer, so I'll spend more time sitting and using my brain cells in a different way, because that seems to be the outcome!

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