Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3 D printing on ceramics

Imagine a printer, that prints out a powder to make your pre programmed designs - amazing! I don't this as viable to studio potters; but it seems like something that industry might be able to use for standardized forms and repeated design.

Yesterday I set up my fluorescent light for the seedlings and moved them to their new home this morning. After breafkast I'll head to the studio to put more things away. I'm saving early afternoon for garden work if it warms up as much as they say.  It didn't yesterday, and since this cold bug is still hanging on I'm not pushing it.

 Mid afternoon I have to get back in the studio to work with George, the handyman, and go over my plan for the kiln shelves cart. That and moving one of the heavy wood shelves are top priority. I can never get more than a couple of hours from him so I definitely need to just verbally give him things in my order of importance, rather than handing him a list.

Lowe's hardware couldn't make all of the smaller cuts I need to make on the 2x4's. Seems their cutting machine can only make 16" or larger cuts, so George will have to cut a couple of inches off 6 of those 2x4's. I could have spent twenty dollars for a new circular saw (gave my ancient, super heavy one away before we moved); but then I'd have to store it and I really don't see me having a need for it after today. And since George's hourly fee is less than a circular saw, it's actually a savings to have him make those cuts and I don't have to store another piece of equipment that I really don't have future need or space for.

Paring down studio, house and garden has certainly been an interesting challenge, opening the door to exploration of  currently available storage solutions. There's a lot of good solutions out there.

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