Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines day everyone

Here's one of the test pots I slipped yesterday, inspired by a Doug Fitch piece. I think it would be nice with a honey or amber glaze or just clear with some color accents. So many things yet to test!

The others I slipped yesterday, and a few I threw, are drying under cover until I can get to them. I'm still playing with the slip thickness. Both the brushing and dipping batches were too thick, so I thinned them both out a bit. Hopefully they'll work better now, particularly the one for dipping which I'm hoping will low better, yet still give me ample coverage.

Clumsy me dropped one mug - that sucker just slipped right thorough my fingers. I should have taken a picture of it's messy, splattered body but I just didn't want to get in the house to retrieve the camera, even though it would have made an interesting blog photo. It's amazing how big a mess one splattered, freshly slipped mug can make.

Most of today has been in the kitchen - got all my potato, cheese and onion perogis made (all 50 plus of them). That dough is tough to roll out. Next time I'm going to bring out my pasta machine and have it do most of the work.

Jim is off delivering the first batch of perogis to our sons house. After my little  "give my back a rest" break I got the second half of the batch of cooling perogis wrapped and in the freezer and got some dinner prep done.  It's pork chops and roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes and black bean and pineapple salsa tonight. I think that's about the only other work I'll do today, unless I get a miraculous second wind after dinner; but I really don't think that's going to happen. I'm going to save whatever energy I have left to lift a glass of wine and eat some of my Valentine's chocolates, and hopefully stay awake long enough to join Jim for another episode of House of cards on Netflix.

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's day, filled with unconditional love coming at you from all directions! 

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