Sunday, February 10, 2013

Playing with mug shapes

Playing with mug shapes, since I didn't want to just fire a kiln load of test tiles; but at the same time, I do want to see those tests finished so I can decide what slips and glazes I'm going to use for this new venture into earthenware. I think all have these shapes have their uses. The bottom three are good for sgraffito or multiple color choices. The top one, which is a yunomi form I've been making for years, and now transitioning to a mug, would be good for soda or wood, so I'll have to do some more color sketches and see if anything more than a simple glaze will improve it or ruin it. Earthenware certainly gives you a lot of color choices and decorating opportunities. 

Got a few pots finished yesterday and did some studio organizing. I got all the test batches of earthenware slips and glazes put on a mobile cart, in numerical order and made a  3 page detailed chart of all I have on hand, and their status.

I promised Jim a lovely, Sunday, rack of lamb dinner and I've also started to go through the living room paper pile of unread mail and books and do other tidying. We have our sons in-laws coming over Monday afternoon  for margaritas and munchies which is always a good excuse and chance to tidy up a bit. If I can get some of the dinner prep and tidying done before lunch, I'll try to get some of those pots waxed and slipped in the afternoon.They are definitely ready for slipping. Right now I need to clean and peel tonight's asparagus.

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