Thursday, February 07, 2013

Erins tea party and my day

I'm showing this photo of our daughter Erin's recent tea party, because on tomorrow's studio "to do" list is to make some yellow slip tests to try to match some of these yellow breakfast plates in the photo.

I'm looking for another good studio day tomorrow, to do those yellow slip tests and trim and pull handles on the couple of mugs I threw today. Erin wants a teapot that would work with those pieces. She gives these amazing. large tea parties.. We're talking tea parties to the max. Her table settings look like high tea at Fortnum and Mason or Harrods in England; but knowing what a great cook she is, I'll bet her food offerings put them to shame. So the least I can do it try to make her another teapot for those large parties. Frankly, I'm a bit embarrassed looking at photos of my over 36 year old or older teapot of mine that she's still using! Fortunately, it's not in this photo!

Got a pretty full day in the studio - cleaned floors, put a bunch of things away, re-hung my wrench holder which had to be taken down when we added a small reserve tank next to the water heater, recycled a little bit of clay, softened a couple of bags of clay, got a few more glazes on test tiles, threw a couple of mugs and some test tiles, got test tiles cut and marked and  dipped some of them in slip after dinner. I'll save the rest for those yellow slip tests tomorrow.

After a quick Indian food dinner and some wine and chocolate, followed by some studio paper work, I'm ready for some mindless Netflix offering - probably a continuation of the Kevin Spacey series "House of Cards" that we've been watching the past couple of nights. Sweet dreams everyone.

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