Saturday, February 16, 2013

Got some studio time yesterday slipping a few things and weighing out a couple of yellow slip tests with a mason titanium stain. The praseodymium stain I've already tested is really a very bright, intense, lemon yellow so the search for a very light toned, warm yellow is still on the table. In this next firing I also have a few tests with Buttercup yellow as well.. Hopefully, one of them will either be the one or close enough to make a minor adjustment to get it just right.

The first order of the day is to weigh out a test of my clear base glaze with a 6% addition of the titanium stain and then I'll wet mix equal parts of that and the plain clear to get a 3% batch. I'm not sure what will work best - a yellow slip with my clear glaze over it, or a yellow glaze over my white slip. The testing continues.

Some of the dipping/pouring slip is still a bit thick judging from the drips I'm getting, so I'll have to scrape or sand those and thin that slip out a bit more. Once I get it right, I can weigh it out to determine the specific gravity so it won't be guess work in the future.

I also want to sketch on the couple of slipped pots and some sgraffito, and that will be it for the day. I'll let this current group dry and fire them as soon as that happens.  I still haven't started any early garden seeds, so I hope I can find time to at least just start a couple of the early cold crops, if not today then tomorrow for sure. Time to get to work.

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