Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A week of echinacea chicken soup and organizing

This is partly a re-post of a another post which mysteriously disappeared off my blog two days ago; and I thought some of the info for good studio equipment purchases might hold some interest for my readers.

This is my ten dollar ware cart, which makes great storage for most of my kiln furniture. It was originally a bakery cart.

I purchased this and other goodies in Brevard county, Florida. The county had a huge warehouse full of no longer needed or wanted supplies from the schools in the county. It was a treasure trove for everything from potters wheels, to office supplies and all other kinds of goodies that potters can use.
It would definitely be worth a call to the school superintendents office or just do a google search  with your county's name and surplus sales, etc, and see if you can find out what they do with surplus school and government equipment. Some have permanent sale places, others have auctions on some things like cars and potters wheels, and yearly lawn sales for other items.The other things I bought at the same time were a high quality file cabinet for $15, and two amazingly heavy, big, cafeteria tables for $20 each, so it's really worth exploring this source if you are in need of any furniture and other studio equipment.

While organizing this cart, I realized that I could just set a piece of plywood on top to act as a shelf. It wouldn't have to be attached, since I've positioned the cart right next to the Skutt kiln, so it never has to move. Hopefully,  a trip to Lowe's hardware for some wood, is going to be on the agenda next week. 

I've been on an organizing roll while dealing with a cold/flu bug, and feeling really good about giving a week to this. We've been running around the county visiting charity shops and the dollar store, etc. for stackable boxes and other organizing items; and the rest of the time has been to get my garden seeds sorted, cleaned out, organized according to the planting schedule, and getting all the markers made for the seeds to be planted this season.

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  1. Ahhh, my sympathy, we have all had it here in this house since October, I am ready for some warm air and healthier days! Feel better soon. Thanks for the school supply reminder. There are a couple of university warehouses here that sell old school equipment, I should check them out.