Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This is a nice video presentation by Louise Cort of the Smithsonian. If you want to avoid the long introductions and go straight to her presentation,  just move the video forward to about the 16-17 minute mark.

It's been a cooking and clean up day so far. Lunch is over, my bread is on its second rise and the sauce, blue cheese dip and potato salad are made for another hot wings dinner.

The last of my new kitchen tools orders arrived today and I got that unpacked and put together the new electric pepper mill. The new food mill still has to get unpacked and washed and some food items needs to be put away; but I'll do those things while the wings are cooking later.

 I told Jim that next months visa bill will be very small. He's been pushing me to replace a lot of this old equipment and who was I to argue! :-)

With all the other things I've had to deal with the past few weeks, there hasn't been much studio time - just a few sporadic hours here and there.  Yesterday I got a couple of other test glazes mixed and on to tiles, marked and in the kiln. I'll try to get back in there to do another one or two as soon as my bread finishes it's second rise and is popped into the oven for about fifty minutes.

While the bread was on it's first rise, I got a start on planning out my two raised vegetable beds. It's already time to plant peas according to the monthly garden report I got for our growing zone from National Gardening, in an email,  two days ago. It's also time for zone 7 growers to start seeds indoors for cold weather crops so I'll be doing that in another day or so.

The timer has gone off -  time to get the bread in the oven and head to the studio for a bit.

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