Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Since I've dealing with computer problems from hell, as well as being on a kitchen organizing kick, a job which has been thrust on me because the arrival of new kitchen equipment necessitated having to move and deal with lot of "needing to be filed" recipe cards,clippings, and other assorted kitchen paper work,. Yesterday morning, before I jumped into that project, I came upon his  inspiring, organizing video. There's no way I'd ever be this anal about storage, but there are some good ideas in this video. 

Hope everyone enjoyed the Superbowl. I enjoyed it so much (2 margaritas and nachos), that I fell asleep before 9pm. Good thing I taped Downtown Abbey which I still haven't had time to view; but I'm heading to the studio now and will use it as background sound while I mix glaze tests.

Some computer problems are solved, and others still need time and attention.  Century link is still trying to figure out why I can't send an email to myself. They turned the problem over to their engineering department and it was supposed to be fixed by yesterday afternoon; but it's not. I'll test it again after dinner, and I suspect I 'll be on the phone again.
Yesterday was a shopping, and organizing and filing day. That job will need another morning or two to complete. This morning I tried to test the toaster oven and it's not doing what the book says. That digital display and those knobs are not intuitive; but I need to get to the studio and I've played with it enough. Jim has promised to read the manual and see if he can figure it out. I've been dealing with enough problems this week and just hoping they're not going to follow me in the studio.

I  bought some fresh some crab and cheese raviolis at Costco yesterday, for tonight's easy, work day dinner. I just have to make a simple, lemon cream sauce and Jim has promised a nice Chardonnay - making a nice end to whatever the earlier part  of the day holds.


  1. A friend of mine served me a lunch of mushroom ravioli and a salad with Cilantro dressing, both from Trader Joes, just an FYI for your next TJ shopping trip the cilantro salad dressing was so good, I could have just turned up the bottle for drinking! The ravioli frozen, so it was easy for her. She lives alone and doesn't cook a lot but it was all very good!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Tracey. I like Cilantro, so I'll give it a try. I usually make my really vinaigrette dressings from scratch; but that sounds intriguing.

  3. Lots of good tips in the video! (But she lost me at color coded hangers....o.c.d. Anyone? :)