Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day came early

Jim just couldn't wait to give me some Valentine's flowers and candy. So here are my goodies, two days early.

I just love these white roses! Years ago I read that the reason florists carry mostly red roses is because that's what men prefer to buy, even though women actually prefer pink or white.

Dinner salad is put together and the dressing is made and the pesto sauce which is going over the cheese tortellini is defrosted. The freezer has been re-organized and not because of any burst of energy, but one shelf collapsed, so I decided to re-do the whole thing.

Still working on learning Jcloud - the on line storage I subscribed to; and I found the right box to click to back up my documents folder. Now I have to figure out why it's not responding to the backup button, even though I re-set the backup time; but that will have to wait a while because I can only deal with that in small doses.

The only studio thing I got to today was to finish cataloging the fired glaze and slip tiles; and make some followup notes. It was then time for dinner prep so we could enjoy an early dinner while watching the Westminster dog show. The Tibetan Mastiff who was just up, looks like a lion! Amazing group of dogs.

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